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Zero-based budgeting

We put this category in our Directory back in 2007 - partly to go from A to Z, we admit, but largely because we think it is one of our biggest and best moneysaving tips ever, when applied to the biggest line items in our average reader’s budget. This year, by the way, is reportedly the 50th anniversary of this groundbreaking concept.

In today’s fast-changing, highly competitive and highly tech-oriented world, we’re willing to bet that you can shave 10% to 30% off your usual spending – often improving the overall quality of what you buy, in the bargain – by ‘starting from scratch’ rather than marking up last year’s spending by the rate of inflation... and by questioning ‘old ways of doing things’...and by going out for some competitive bids for the big-ticket items. 

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But please take one final word of advice: Don’t put all of the money we think you can save with a zero-based-budgeting approach back into the corporate kitty: Redeploy at least 60% of the savings to do other things, and to do them better – and to make your own corporate life a bit easier too.

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