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Shareholder satisfaction surveys

As we’ve written many times before… Transfer Agents should be conducting them...Issuers should be insisting on them…

And if you are paying a six-digit number for any shareholder service, you should consider commissioning “shareholder satisfaction surveys” yourselves – and maybe “client satisfaction surveys” among your own internal team members too -  to be sure you are getting what you pay for.

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Another important and often-repeated tip: “Eat your own cooking” from time to time: Log in to the shareholder self-help-site and browse around; Call the toll-free number your T-A has assigned to you: See how long you have to wait – then ask a few questions a confused shareholder is likely to ask…and rate the answers you get.

Currently, we have no recommended suppliers, but please feel free to contact the editors if you would like additional background information and a few names to investigate.