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Registered agents

Every public company needs to have one of these as the “official recipient” of subpoenas and other legal notices, demands or documents...although recently, we were surprised to discover that many companies decide to be their own registered agent: Bad idea, we say, based on the high turnover we see in corporate head-offices these days – and on the number of items returned to us by such offices when the intended recipient leaves or retires, rather than being passed on to a designated successor.

As you may have noticed, the field became severely overcrowded five or so years ago - which led to a steep drop in price levels. As a result, most of the agents tried to peddle all kinds of new services - and to pepper us with flyers and unsolicited emails to raise their profiles and/or demonstrate their expertise - much of which proved to be vaporware. Then, no big surprise, many of the newbies disappeared.

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Our advice: Do some comparison shopping to be sure you are getting a good deal on price - but be very wary of picking a new agent that does not have the size and staying power to ride out the competitive storm. And this is doubly true when it comes to signing up for any “new and improved services”.

Currently, we have no recommended suppliers, but please feel free to contact the editors if you would like additional background information and a few names to investigate.