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Document design, composition & web-optimization services

Badly designed forms lead to added follow-up actions and rework… errors… and agitated phone calls from the ‘confused’: Please note that the more “choices” shareholder are being offered, the more important it is to make them crystal clear.

Whether one is drafting Annual Meeting materials – or, even more critically – gearing up for a merger, acquisition, tender offer, small-shareholder buyback program or some other kind of “reorg job” – the content, design and overall understandability of the documents you deliver to shareholders is a truly critical element. Easily understandable documents – and especially the forms that shareholder need to fill out and return will make the job go quickly - and smoothly.

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Transactions that involve employee-plan holders tend to be particularly tricky – since often, multiple plan agents or trustees will be involved – and, very often, the share amounts will change between the mailing and effective dates: So a seemingly little thing - like asking plan holders to indicate a share-amount in a tender offer rather than a percentage of-holdings amount can lead to big processing issues. Being able to consolidate the holdings of multiple plans – and including the registered shareholder positions as well – can lead to big savings in paper, postage and processing costs… if handled correctly…but can lead to processing snarls and ringing phones, and angry holders if the document design and delivery process has not been meticulously thought-through – and meticulously processed.

Donnelley Financial Solutions

Let Donnelley Financial Solutions transform your proxy from a traditional, SEC compliance document into a more visually inviting, compelling communications showpiece that effectively tells your story to your investors. We work with you to identify a style and format that matches your company’s unique corporate culture and proxy-related objectives.

Financial writers and editors expertly craft narrative from scratch or work with you to edit your existing prose, enhancing readability and satisfying compliance obligations. Ensure the proxy statement clearly communicates your unique corporate culture, objectives, and goals to the investment community.

Our state-of-the-art hosting platform is mobile ready and SEC compliant—unlike many IR sites, our hosted sites have no cookie tracking. Simplify communication with investors and tell a better story with images, text, video and graphics.

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EZOnlineDocuments, LLC is the industry-leading online document service provider. A trusted and reliable source since 1998, EZOnlineDocuments provides clients with feature-rich, online documents. Unique features include: never-hidden navigation that keeps menus on the screen at all times on all platforms, tile-based navigation for tablet and mobile users, branding to reflect company image, powerful tab-based menu navigation and the ability to reach all customers on any platform – from desktops to laptops to iPads, tablets and other mobile devices.

EZOnlineDocuments provides online documents that work on any server and can be used with your current service provider or via a direct relationship. Add support for your iPad, tablet and mobile users easily without any hassles, guaranteed or hosting is on us!

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Tangelo Software

Simplify Financial Reporting with Tangelo

Easily Create Impactful Print and Online Annual Reports

Engaging, full online annual reports, accessible from any mobile device. Allow readers to interact with dynamic charts, download select sections, export data directly into Excel, view web-only videos, and much more.

Creating and publishing your annual report doesn’t need to be exhausting, inefficient, and tedious. Tangelo’s collaborative, cloud-based platform empowers your team to seamlessly publish print and online annual reports from a single source.

Engage investors, eliminate errors, and save valuable time. With Tangelo, you can link and sync figures directly to Excel sheets, enforce universal style guidelines, and produce polished reports without relying on an external agency.

Creating, managing, and publishing financial reports has never been easier.

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Ellen Philip Associates, Inc.

We’re a valuable resource to have in your corner. As independent tabulators we’ve been part of the shareholder services community for close to 40 years. Our principal focus is on employee plans, not only on regular pass-through voting but on the processes associated with non-routine situations such as proxy contests, tender offers and other corporate actions.

You’ll find that we have a blue-chip reputation, that we’re flexible and responsive, and that our practices are set to the highest standards.

We work hand in glove with plan trustees, administrators, record keepers, transfer agents and proxy solicitors. We’ve been through the mill. We understand the detail of the process and we’re quick off the mark. We help in planning. Our procedures have withstood challenges over time and meet the highest standards of corporate governance. Ours is a flexible, tailored to your situation service that includes whatever you need in document development and printing and mailing, also a state of the art system for Internet and telephone collection of voting instructions, together with online, real-time tabulations and reports.

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