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Data management & conversion services

Many public companies do not realize how much they need data-management, data-conversion-and-consolidation and, above all, “data-optimization services” these days; Services that will OPTIMIZE the many ways that shareholder data is presented and distributed to diverse shareholder audiences...and to overbusy and very impatient readers...

When we think about these much needed but ideally ‘invisible’ tools, we tend to think first of our good friends and colleagues at Ellen Philip Associates. In the ‘old days’ when your editor ran a big shareholder servicing business, he accidentally discovered that they were the “secret weapon” that allowed our in-house I-T people to seemingly pull all those rabbits out of a hat when a client wanted something previously unheard of, or when there was some other data processing crisis or time-crunch. So if you have a bunch of files...from a mixed bag of vendors...and need to somehow mix, match and smash the records together, to get something in the mail in a hurry, and process it seamlessly when it comes back...think of them.

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We have also been very pleased to watch the continued success of EZ On-line Documents, which offers a service to convert and convey important data from paper documents like your 10-k or 10-q to the web – and to tablets and mobile devices…where many ‘online documents’ somehow fail to translate properly.

Regular readers know that we’ve been preaching fire and brimstone about the need to make those E-delivered documents much more reader friendly than the kinds of “stuff” that most companies put out. One of our biggest fears was that reader disgust upon opening the average e-delivered package would ‘kill the goose’ bearing the potentially golden egg of cost savings here.

Another, still worrisome issue, is the almost certain loss of individual investor VOTES when e-deliveries are ignored or automatically deleted by dismayed recipients, or by those without the computer firepower that so many e-deliveries require if one is to read them.

Accordingly, we are very happy to introduce Tangelo Software to the readers of this issue. We see this as a MAJOR breakthrough in terms of allowing public companies to quickly, easily and very cost-effectively produce important financial documents - such as proxy statements, earnings statements, annual and special reports – in a wide variety of formats, with very robust controls over accuracy.

And while we’re on the subject of data conversion and data handling , we couldn’t possibly fail to mention our friends and colleagues at Broadridge Financial Solutions for their truly amazing accuracy, scope, size, speed and overall dependability – and to note their very compelling message that for many companies, in today’s deadline oriented but over-busy environment, having “one source” for centralization, coordination, production and control of shareholder related data and transaction processing is a very hard proposition to beat.

Our advice is to think long and hard about ways to improve the distribution of your shareholder-oriented materials - and how to assure that they are as readable, and as engaging as possible - and that the technology works smoothly and seamlessly, over any device a shareholder may have, and want to use...especially if you want to maximize your usually friendly retail vote. Also, while all the technologies we cover are easy to implement - when you use the right mix of suppliers - it does take a bit of “quality time” to do a quality job...so plan ahead!

Ellen Philip Associates, Inc.

If your data’s in one format and you need it in another we’ll build a quick bridge to get you from A to B. Data conversion has always been one of our specialties. We’ve had hands-on experience with files from every major shareholder record-keeping system in the U.S., and many smaller ones as well. Tell us what you’ve got, explain where you need to be, and we’ll let you know quickly whether we can devise a way to get you there. The route we take might be purely programmatic, or it might include classic, heads-down data entry – a handy and versatile capability that we’ve preserved carefully for special occasions.

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Donnelley Financial Solutions

Let Donnelley Financial Solutions transform your proxy from a traditional, SEC-compliance document into a more visually inviting, compelling communications showpiece that effectively tells your story to your investors. We work with you to identify a style and format that matches your company’s unique corporate culture and proxy-related objectives. Financial writers and editors expertly craft narrative from scratch or work with you to edit your existing prose, enhancing readability and satisfying compliance obligations. This is an excellent way to ensure that your proxy statement clearly communicates your unique corporate culture, objectives, and goals to the investment community. Our state-of-the-art hosting platform is mobile ready and SEC-compliant—and unlike many IR sites, our hosted sites have no cookie tracking. We help you simplify communications with investors and tell a better story via images, text, video and graphics. .

Ron Schneider Director, Corporate Governance Services

212.341.7593 Ronald.m.schneider@dfsco.com dfsco.com


EZOnlineDocuments, LLC is the industry-leading online document service provider. A trusted and reliable source since 1998, EZOnlineDocuments provides clients with feature-rich, online documents. Unique features include: never-hidden navigation that keeps menus on the screen at all times on all platforms, tile-based navigation for tablet and mobile users, branding to reflect company image, powerful tab-based menu navigation and the ability to reach all customers on any platform – from desktops to laptops to iPads, tablets and other mobile devices.

EZOnlineDocuments provides online documents that work on any server and can be used with your current service provider or via a direct relationship. Add support for your iPad, tablet and mobile users easily without any hassles, guaranteed or hosting is on us!

www.EZonlinedocuments.com • (973) 236-1576

Tangelo Software

Simplify Financial Reporting with Tangelo

Easily Create Impactful Print and Online Annual Reports

Engaging, full online annual reports, accessible from any mobile device. Allow readers to interact with dynamic charts, download select sections, export data directly into Excel, view web-only videos, and much more.

Creating and publishing your annual report doesn’t need to be exhausting, inefficient, and tedious. Tangelo’s collaborative, cloud-based platform empowers your team to seamlessly publish print and online annual reports from a single source.

Engage investors, eliminate errors, and save valuable time. With Tangelo, you can link and sync figures directly to Excel sheets, enforce universal style guidelines, and produce polished reports without relying on an external agency.

Creating, managing, and publishing financial reports has never been easier.

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