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Benchmarking programs

The smartest public companies always benchmark their most important programs against their peers – and also against the “best in class”....

We hate those programs that benchmark executive pay – because most are designed in a way that automatically ratchets-up the total pay for all execs, year after year. But sadly, comp-committees can’t do without them.

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We love programs that benchmark corporate governance provisions against the best-in-class. They take away some potentially powerful issues that activist investors can use to brand targeted boards as less than independent, entrenched, or ‘shareholder unfriendly.’

Smart companies also monitor the performance of their most important suppliers, and periodically comparison-shop for the best services and price-to-value levels they can find. Most corporate people don’t have the expertise – or the time to do it these days – hence the need for benchmarking services and for expert service providers who can manage them!

Our advice: Go out with RFPs on a regular basis for any product or service where you spend a six-figure number or more. Unless you have the subject-matter expertise that is needed to do this right - and the considerable time it takes to manage the RFP process in a rigorous manner – get professionals who do! They will pay for themselves tens, and sometimes hundreds of times over!

Carl T. Hagberg & Associates

Helping public companies and their suppliers – to deliver better, and more cost-effective services to investors…since 1992

We specialize in retail investor relations, and in helping issuers to “optimize” their spending on individual investors:

Most companies spend huge amounts of money just to maintain their individual investor base. We help them re-target their programs –– and their spending –– to achieve bigger and better results, and usually, to save money in the process.

We, and other members of our team, also serve as Expert Consultants/Expert Witnesses in cases involving securities-processing, recordkeeping and voting-related issues.

Carl T. Hagberg & Associates