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Welcome to our History section, which we hope you will enjoy. Our long-term goal is to record all of the most important historical developments in the securities industry - and in the shareholder relations and shareholder servicing business - and in the corporate governance world too....from 1960 through the present...We also hope to provide a few funny stories, that will give you a laugh or two..

We welcome your feedback - and we would especially welcome any stories, personal recollections, photos or other memorabilia that readers may wish to share and to record on this site. So please feel free to contact either of the editors about this.

The Original “Shareholder Activists” and the Founders of the Modern Corporate Governance Movement

The Paperwork Crisis In The Securities Industry

Harry Of Hanover Square, And What We Can And Should Learn From Him Today

“The Noughties”

Tales From The Crypt

How Independent Inspectors Came To Be

Unclaimed Property And The Real James Brown

Coporate Governance: A 20 Year Overview

Transfer Agent Pays An Extra Nickel To Every Shareholder

The Unforgettable Wilma Soss

A word about the editor-in-chief: Your editor has been involved in the securities industry- and in the corporate governance movement since 1960 - before we had computers, much less the world-wide-web. He lived through the "paperwork crisis" of the 1960's, which nearly brought the securities industry to its knees. He played a "supporting role" in the development of securities depositories. He has watched the growth and development of shareholder activism from its earliest days, and has observed and interacted with most of the actors too - up front and personal - during hundreds and hundreds of shareholder meetings, including dozens and dozens of knockdown drag-out proxy fights. He's witnessed three market crashes - and two 'flash-crashes" - and fully expects that there will be more to come.