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Simplify Financial Reporting

An Interview with Erwin Groenendal of Brooklyn-Based Tangelo Software


“More and more US-based companies are looking to offer their shareholders more professional looking and user-friendly “digital annual reports”

We sat down recently with Tangelo Software President, Erwin Groenendal to learn how his company’s online platform is making big inroads with public companies worldwide; companies that are looking to improve efficiency, streamline the creation and publishing of their annual reports and other important financial documents – and to save significant amounts of money by using Tangelo’s cutting-edge technologies.

“Tangelo is an online application for creating, managing and publishing financial documents. Users have secure access to Tangelo and can work from anywhere at any time, to create, edit and publish professional publications – to multiple channels – with the click of the button. This ‘single source’ solution eliminates the extra expense and additional logistics of hiring design firms for typesetting or to make corrections, and for financial printers to prepare financial documents for publication.”

“Tangelo is all about creating documents”, stresses Groenendal. “Our software gives you full control over the process of creating and publishing annual reports, proxy statements and other critically important financial documents, where timeliness, accuracy, professional appearance and readability are critically important elements. It also allows you to publish to PDF and online at the same moment and keeps the risk of transcription errors to a minimum, due to our advanced interface with Excel. This all happens from a single source, which not only saves our clients a lot of time, but also a lot of money.”

Over 50 companies, including Philips, Randstad, and DSM published their 2014 annual reports using Tangelo and many more are adopting their “one-stop shop” document creation and publishing platform this year.

“Tangelo greatly reduces the workload, especially in the final stages of the annual report publication process, thus allowing more time for content related quality control.”

Pascal Sluijter, Investor Relations Officer, Randstad Holding

Netherlands based Randstad uses Tangelo for the creation and publication of the English and Dutch language versions of its integrated annual report. The document is published to PDF, print and a website. “More and more US-based companies are looking to offer their shareholders more professional looking and user-friendly “digital annual reports’, says Groenendal, and Tangelo simplifies the process across the board.

“Your company’s desired document layout, including graphic design elements, charts, tables, and formatting are applied automatically through Tangelo, and there are many options to create a rich user experience and keep a viewer’s attention longer while highlighting key elements of interest.

“Single source publishing guarantees that the same information is presented across multiple channels including smartphones and other mobile devices where the layout is automatically adapted to fit the size of the screen. “

Another potentially huge money-saver arises from the use of digital printing and ‘printing on demand.’ When Philips started using Tangelo for their Annual Report in 2005, they were still printing thousands of hardcopies but lacked an online version. Now, they have a complete online Annual Report, including all financial statements and notes, and only print about 800 copies for the annual meeting using digital print, resulting in a huge cost savings for the company on design, printing and mailing services.

“Creating, managing, and publishing financial reports has never been easier. Tangelo allows companies to engage investors, eliminate errors, and save valuable time. With Tangelo, clients can link and sync figures directly to Excel sheets, enforce universal company style guidelines, and produce polished reports without relying on an external agency.

“Online reports become more than just mandatory filings; they are now powerful, functional, and robust “marketing tools” and readers can interact with dynamic charts, download select sections, export data directly into Excel, view web-only videos, and much more.

“The Tangelo Software platform is an ideal fit for both public and private companies looking to streamline their annual report preparation and publishing process. It’s completely ‘cloud based’, secure, and fully supported by a team of engineers. Its single source design was developed to save money and give companies complete control of process from design all the way through approval and publishing.”