Helping public companies and their suppliers deliver better and more cost-effective programs since 1994


The Shareholder Service Optimizer, first published in 1994, is "dedicated to helping public companies – and their suppliers – to deliver better and more cost-effective services to shareholders".

It shows readers how to "optimize" their spending on investor relations and on their investor servicing programs (i.e. to improve plans and programs, get better results for the same money... and often for less) and to take maximum advantage of technology. It also covers regulatory developments, corporate governance developments, "the vendor scene, websites of interest and highlights best and worst practices.

Who Should Subscribe:

  • Corporate Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries
  • Corporate Governance Officers
  • Compliance and Ethics Officers
  • Investor Relations Officers
  • Shareholder Relations Managers
  • Law Firms
  • IR Advisory Firms
  • Other Suppliers to Publicly-Traded Companies, such as transfer agents, financial printers, proxy solicitors and advisors.

What Our Subscribers Say:

“We would recommend it to all publicly-traded companies as a reliable source of timely and practical advice”

“The best reference I know of to learn how to efficiently manage the ‘administrative’ side of investor relations”

“A very important tool...Articles are well written and pertain to crucial topics. It is one publication I always find time to read, and more often than not, forward to our senior management to read”

“Has given me a lot of insight as to what is going on in the proxy world and the ‘scoop’ on all the transfer agents. I also appreciate all the money-saving ideas”

“The Optimizer produces the absolute best value for our money: I have learned more ‘tips’ in one issue than I generally get from an army of consultants. Pithy, informative and practical - my kind of periodical.”

“Never fails to provide something I can use to update service and/or reduce cost”

“A MUST-READ for Corporate Secretaries/IR Officers/Shareholder Relations Professionals.”

“The BEST source for really useful information on shareholder services.” “Articles are better than timely; they are farsighted and good for advance planning.”

“Practical hands-on information on topics that are not followed well elsewhere.”

“The ’missing link’ between what the vendors tell us and what we really need to know.”

“We cut our subscriptions to the bone, but the OPTIMIZER was an automatic save, because of the money it’s saved us.”

Biography Carl Hagberg

Mr. Hagberg has more than 45 years experience in the Securities Industry. He has held senior level positions in operations, marketing and general management assignments and served on the boards of two highly successful financial services companies.

In his last ten years at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., he was responsible for the bank's Stockholder and Bondholder Services businesses, then the nation's largest. He retired as a Senior Vice President of Chemical Bank's Corporate and Institutional Trust Group in 1992 to establish his own marketing, shareholder relations and investor services firm; his mission: "Helping public companies - and their suppliers - to develop better and more cost-effective shareholder services."

Mr. Hagberg is considered to be one of the nation's leading experts on individual stock ownership programs. He has helped over 100 companies (including companies and government agencies in several Eastern European and Central Asian countries) to launch, improve or remarket programs aimed at customers, employees, existing stockholders and other affinity groups. He is also considered to be a leading expert on the proxy voting process and has served as Independent Inspector of Election, both in contested and uncontested situations, at over 300 annual and special meetings of shareholders.

He is the editor and publisher of The Shareholder Service Optimizer, a quarterly newsletter, the bi-annual OPTIMIZER Magazine, and the author of numerous articles published elsewhere. His plain-English publication, What Every Stockholder Needs to Know About "Registered" vs. "Street-Name" Ownership has been mailed by U.S. companies to nearly three million shareholders.

Mr. Hagberg was a founder and the Managing Director of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company of California from its inception in 1984 through 1992 and served on the Audit and Investment Committees of the Board. He served on the board of the Minerva Fund, an equity mutual fund sponsored by the Long Term Credit Bank of Japan and Morgan Stanley & Co., from its inception in 1992 until it was absorbed into another fund in 1997.

His experience in applying technology to improve service while lowering cost dates from the early 1970s when he was "on loan" as staff to the Banking and Securities Industry Committee (BASIC). This blue-ribbon panel of CEOs was formed to solve the "paperwork crisis in the securities industry" through standardization and automation. Its efforts culminated in the formation of the Depository Trust Co.

He holds a BA from New York University and a MS from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. He is a member of the American Arbitration Association, the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals (a former New York Chapter President and National Treasurer), the Shareholder Services Association, the NASDAQ Board of Arbitration, the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Fountain House, the world's leading provider of rehabilitative services to men, women and young adults suffering from major mental illnesses.